the END is the beginning

exploring beginnings and endings with color sequenced lighting giving color and movement to the figures in Woodstock's Old Courthouse Arts Center gallery

end is the beginning

installation "the END is the beginning" – an art installation with led color changing spot back-lit white plastic acrylic painted panels and an animated video at the end of the gallery space.

detail - end is the beginning with video reflecing on the plastic panels
vdetail - end is the beginning
detail - end is the beginning
detail - end is the beginning with video

pano view of the art installation

"the END is the beginning"

My multi-media installation, “the END is the beginning“ focuses on the figure - these gestural drawings of mindful beings - allowing the light to be the color.

Light, motion, human-like figures not necessarily human – painting this alternate world (connected to and reflective of my familiar world) jolts my perceptions.

I strive to take the viewer to a place that allows them to reflect on their relationship to their world. This installation deals with beginnings and endings. What may appear to be an end may be a beginning. I search for kernels of hope amidst adversity; spirit surpassing challenges; connections, compassion and empathy rather than discord ...

This exhibition was part of a larger exhibition “END“ curated by e-artgroup.