solo exhibition, Herb Aigner gallery, Schaumburg IL

galery view

interview shot with 4x4 foot acrylic painting - Hair's breath

interview - watch on youtube

interview screenshot with 4x4 foot acrylic painting - Hair's breath

galery view


Experiental ... Experience ... Experiment

Life is experience. Experience is Experiment

I Experiment with paint Exploring Experiences.

My paintings filter my personal life experiences sometimes knowingly, most times unknowingly.

"It wasn't s'posed to end like this 1, 2 and 3" (top photo — 4 x 4 foot acrylic) Hopes, dreams, plans... challenges, disappointments, setbacks, victories, expectations, disasters, unexpected, naïveté

"HAIR’S BREADTH" (bottom photo — three 10 x 7 foot acrylic) Bad hair day, good hair day, no hair day. If someone close to me had cancer and lost their hair, would I have the courage to shave my head in support? Or is that support? Would I then just be a mirror and reminder? And, why would I need courage? Why is hair so important? My Dad at 66 still had a full head of dark hair. Why was it so important to me that he died with his hair after battling cancer and a bout of chemo – so important to me that he didn’t have to loose his hair as well as his life? Aren’t we all a hair’s breadth away from illness, insanity, danger, death? Is the shouting around me – my shouting, a mere whisper? A hair’s breath? A strand of hair stores complex DNA information. Is this why it seems so intrinsically significant?