group exhibition curated by E* formerly E-artgroup

gallery view of bridge installation

Consistent with my intent to present mindful beings, these figures are like us. Are they fleeing, protecting, escaping, soaring, overcoming...? A wall, a prison, an impossible situation, a personal haunting, a mind that won’t give them rest…? Are they making it, surviving, succeeding, rejoicing…? My life experience is filtered through me — surrounds me as I paint. I cannot escape the realities of children being separated from their parents, human beings treated lesser because they are unfamiliar (we are the same). Are they crossing over? Are we crossing over? Is our society crossing over?

Too many good friends have “crossed over”. Wether bridging life and life beyond, a change in careers, a life challenge or situation, or crossing over to a new city, state or country; or just to the other side … wether a literal or metaphoric bridge … it may take courage, conviction and a leap of faith or it may simply offer a new perspective.

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