collaboration with sculptor Angela Swan

cwca exhibit


bert leveille and Angela Swan could not ignore the date - 9/11 - for their POP-UP gallery.

What started as an intent of not forgetting; evolved into a full-blown tribute to an event that had a profound effect on so many people! Tonight they honor those lost on this anniversary of tragedy. They’ve created a powerful, meditative experience through art.

bert leveille and Angela Swan explore their relationships to their world through investigations of their respective mediums.

leveille uses light and painting of an alternate world that is connected to and reflective of a known world.

Swan uses sculpture and natural materials to explore and discover human connections and relationships.

Their collective art strives to take the viewer to a place that allows them to reflect on their relationship with their world. Whether a personal encounter or a group tragic experience the likes of 911, these artists explore shared human experiences.