about bert leveille — statement

I am exploring consciousness. My experiences filter through me and connect me. My art is a combination of my self and my world as a conduit intertwining, connecting and exploring a more universal world.
leveille painting on the floor
I have always embraced the notion of, and sought a connectinon to the collective conscious. I strive to tap in to that which I do not know; to discover unexpected images, connections and visual relationships; to explore emotions. I clear my thoughts; work from my subconscious; connect to this collective conscience; and selectively manipulate the imagery I find in the paint.

My explorations in abstraction have led me to an "alternate" world inhabited by mindful beings. This affords me new perspectives, as I strive to go beyond my personal "tunnel" vision for a better connection to my self, to others, to my world and to the universe. I strive to take the viewer to a place that allows them to reflect on their relationship to their world. As a young artist I knew history demonstrated inequality of male vs female artists. I never identified as a female artist, simply an artist. I unwittingly chose a unisex attitude towards my life's work. I purposely present mindful beings in my art - neither male or female, perhaps not human, but nevertheless conscious and sharing the same emotions and experiences that we as humans do. Recent works have isolated the figures, stripped of details placing them in a particular space or time. My artwork is either a rebellion of the injustice against women (or any being for that matter); or a product of it; silently embodying issues of inequality; stridently believing we are all the same regardless of social status, race, geography...