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bert leveille BIO for print

A passion for finding images in clouds as a child, a love of the smell of greasepaint at Elmhurst College, and a fascination with stage environments that create another space, world, time were telltale signs of leveille's abstract art and immersive art installations.

bert leveille in the studio
Her large-scale artwork; collaborations with musicians and performers; dancers playing with her 3-D figures and dancing thru her 15-foot art tunnel; color changing LED lighting; animation and video — all contribute to the illusion of movement; enhancing the installation experiences, and encouraging viewers to immerse themselves in consciousness; become part of the art; enter this other world.

Her art is a combination of her self and her world as a conduit intertwining, connecting and exploring a more universal world. Leveille is exploring a fine line of one being on stage looking out; becoming part of the stage; and/or viewing the stage.

leveille has an extensive list of solo and juried group art exhibitions. Her studio is a must-see experience during 4th Fridays Open Studios at Starline in Harvard. As an exhibiting and exhibition facilitator member of E* – formerly E-artgroup, leveille plays an active role in show development and guest artist selections. leveille is a Chicago Women’s Caucus for Art (CWCA) board member serving on the exhibition committee. She is the principal graphic designer for E* and CWCA.